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Oil Field Crush Injuries

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Oil Field Crush Injury Lawyer in San Antonio

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If you or a loved one has suffered a serious crush injury while working in the oil field, our San Antonio oil field accidents lawyers are dedicated to helping you recover the monetary compensation necessary to help you fully heal. However, there are some injuries may have permanent damage which can lead to paralysis. That’s why our legal team has successfully helped countless injured workers throughout Texas for over a decade.

Causes of Crush Injuries

A crush injury involves being squeezed or pinned between two objects or being hit by a something heavy. The majority of crush injuries are caused by cranes and other heavy machinery used in the oil field. The pressure or force from this kind of heavy equipment can result in bones being crushed. When this a bone is smashed, it’s more difficult for healthcare providers to properly repair the damage as opposed to a clean break.

Medical treatment for these kinds of injuries is highly expensive. The injury can be devastating enough to force an employee to not work for an extended, perhaps indefinite, period of time. Some issues may even last a lifetime, forcing injured individuals to stop working because they can no longer properly function in their specific profession.

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Since oil field workers must operate heavy machinery and equipment on a daily basis, crush injuries can be a common occurrence. Unfortunately, companies and employers may ignore conduct adequate inspections or schedule necessary maintenance, and even fail to provide safety training to their employees in order to make a greater return in profit. At The Law Office of George P. Escobedo & Associates, PLLC, our San Antonio oil field accidents lawyers will protect your rights and your life.

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