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Third -Party Claims

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Third-Party Claims During a DBA Case

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A Defense Base Act (DBA) claim allows military personnel and government contractors to recover benefits for workplace accidents. If the accident was caused by a negligent third-party – someone who does not work for the individual’s employer – the individual can file a third-party claim against the negligent party on top of the DBA claim they file against the insurance company.

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Pursuing a Claim in Addition to Receiving Other Benefits

When you file a DBA claim against the insurance provider, your coverage will include benefits for economic damages such as medical expenses and lost wages; however, the amount you’re eligible receive is limited. Because of the limit, the benefits are not always enough to cover all the costs you incur and will not provide compensation for non-economic damages such as pain/suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

When you file a third-party claim against the negligent party, you can receive compensation in addition to the benefits you receive from your DBA claim, which will help cover any expenses that exceed your DBA amount.

Suffering Injuries in Various Work-Related Accidents

You can pursue a third-party claim for any accident caused by a non-employee that happened while you were at work or performing work-related business. For example, if you work for Company X and are hit by a negligent driver who works for Company Y, while both of you are on the job, you can file a DBA claim with your employer’s insurance as well as a third-party claim against the driver and employer of Company Y. Our San Antonio lawyer will assess your circumstances to determine your eligibility for filing a third-party claim in addition to your DBA claim.

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