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Offshore Oil Rig Accidents

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Offshore Oil Rig Accidents in Texas

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Offshore oil rigs are one of the most dangerous places to work, which is why oil companies are obligated to provide adequate training and safety equipment to their employees. However, in order to reduce costs and make a profit, these companies often fail to properly protect their workers.

If you have been injured or experienced the death of a loved one in an accident occurring on an offshore oil rig, you may be eligible to recover compensation with the help of a skilled and trustworthy personal injury lawyer. At The Law Offices of George P. Escobedo & Associates, our San Antonio offshore accident attorney has been fighting for the rights of injured oil rig workers for more than 10 years. Let us protect your rights while you make the best recovery possible from injury.

What Laws Protect Oil Rig Workers?

The Jones Act is a federal law that was created to compensate seamen who suffer injuries on the job. Additionally, the law covers oil and gas workers who suffer injuries on specific types of movable rigs, including float-over and jack-up rigs. It allows workers to collect compensation for damages that are not covered by Texas workers’ compensation, such as pain and suffering.

The Jones Act holds oil companies liable for accidents involving:

  • Unsafe equipment
  • Lack of safety training
  • An unreasonably dangerous work environment
  • An unseaworthy vessel

The Outer Continental Lands Act covers fixed platform rig injuries according to the workers’ compensation laws of whichever state is closest to the rig. Furthermore, if your injury was caused by a negligent contractor or equipment manufacturer, you may have the right to file a civil lawsuit against the negligent party.

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