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Walmart Injuries

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Injured at Walmart?

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Texas is home to hundreds of Walmart stores, with some counties having multiple locations open for business. Walmart is known to employ at least over a million people in the U.S., and an even greater amount of visitors walking through its doors as customers.

Walmart is a giant in the world of retail. Its stores boast impressive square footages, and many of them are labeled “Supercenters,” which means they carry items across a broad range. From clothing, to groceries, to entertainment, and everyday essentials, it is no wonder that Walmart sees so much traffic each day. With so many visitors to the stores, there is always the possibility that someone could become injured while on the premises. Whether you are an employee or a window shopper, you should be aware of your legal rights if you are ever hurt.

Causes of Injuries at Walmart

Packages of goods and products are shipped on a regular basis to the stores, sometimes arriving in large, bulk packages. Handling these packages does require some strength, but employees should be instructed on how to handle the products safely, without causing harm to themselves or others.

These are some of the common ways people are injured at Walmart:

  • Fallen packages or displays
  • Uneven stairs
  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Loose tiles or handrails
  • Carpeting that is frayed and can be easily tripped over
  • Expired food or food not kept at the proper temperatures
  • Negligence from a coworker or manager
  • Slip and fall injuries from unmarked floors

Perhaps the most commonly reported type of injury occurs when someone slips and falls because of a slick substance on the floors. There is a spill of liquid laundry detergent and employees failed to acknowledge the mess or clean it up. The next thing you know, someone slips on the detergent and becomes seriously injured. That individual may have enough evidence for their claim, as it demonstrates that management did not intervene or prevent the accident.

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