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Passionately Representing the Wrongfully Injured in Traffic Accidents

The Law Offices of George P. Escobedo is a full-service personal injury firm representing individuals who have been wrongfully injured and the families of those who have suffered wrongful death.

Our firm focuses primarily on victims of motor vehicle accidents such as car crashes, bus accidents, rideshare accidents, heavy and commercial truck collisions, pedestrian accidents, and more.

Whether your accident was caused by a drunk driver’s negligence or a reckless driver going over the speed limit, we can help you secure fair compensation by investigating the crash scene, collecting viable evidence, and building you a strong claim that will hold up in court.

Helping Victims of Work Accidents Receive Just Compensation

At The Law Offices of George P. Escobedo, one of our main areas of focus is resolving claims related to work accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured while on the job, you likely have many concerns. Will you lose your job? How will you pay for your injuries?

Our job is to assuage—if not entirely remove—these misgivings by walking you through the workers’ compensation claims process from start to finish. We will help to ensure your paperwork is filed correctly, you receive the full amount of compensation you are entitled to, and that your employer does not violate your legal rights by retaliating against you for filing a claim.

We Are Relentless & Dedicated To Protecting Our Clients' Rights