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What Types of Psychological Injuries are Covered Under the Defense Base Act?
What Types of Psychological Injuries are Covered Under the Defense Base Act?

The Defense Base Act gives civil contractors workers' compensation benefits for injuries sustained while working on U.S. military bases. While many think that an injury can only be physical, that's not always true. Psychological injuries can be triggered by any traumatic ...

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    While the last thing you may want to do after sustaining an injury or dealing with an illness is paperwork, it’s important to file your workers’ comp ...

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  • Is Depression Covered Under the Defense Base Act?

    Civil contractors working on U.S. military bases overseas are often stationed in warzones that put them in high-risk and dangerous situations. ...

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  • Does the Defense Base Act Cover Psychological Issues?

    Civil contractors who have worked on military bases for the United States government may be entitled to compensation for work-related psychological ...

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  • Do I Really Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

    Many injured employees are under the false impression that they do not require the advocacy of a workers’ compensation attorney for an on-the-job ...

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  • Filing a Defense Base Act Claim for Psychological Injuries

    Many U.S. contractors working overseas are often subjected to frequent high-risk situations, such as being stationed to work in war zones. Witnessing ...

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  • Workplace Fatigue Can Be Deadly

    Unfortunately, workplace injuries continue to plague employees throughout the nation, across a wide variety of industries and workforces. Many people ...

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