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Can You Work While on Workers’ Compensation?


Workers’ compensation payments are meant to cover the costs of medical care and other damages, as well as provide an income replacement while the claimant is unable to work.

In some cases, a person who is collecting workers’ compensation benefits is still able to work in some capacity. A claimant may want to return to work, either to earn extra money or to have something to do while they are unable to return to their previous role. If you are currently receiving workers’ compensation benefits and have a desire to work again, you may be wondering if that is even allowed under the workers’ compensation system.

Can I Get Another Job While I’m Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

You should not get a job — even part-time — at another company while you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits from your full-time employer. Especially while you are still negotiating your claim, a part-time job could limit your ability to recover full benefits. A job could convince your employer’s insurance company that you are exaggerating your injuries and give them a reason to deny you coverage.

What if I Had Another Job When I was Injured?

If you were working at a second job while you were injured at another company, you may be able to return to that role if your physical condition allows. You should report your other role to your employer and their insurance company when you file your workers’ compensation claim. If it’s possible to take off time from that job, that may be the best option. Returning to that job could harm your claim but reporting that possibility ahead of time can help.

Returning to Your Previous Job

Although you cannot take a job at another company, you may be able to return to the job where you sustained your injury. Businesses sometimes offer “modified work” to their employees who are collecting workers’ compensation benefits. In a modified work situation, you can work in a different role at the company while you recover from your injuries or return to your previous role but in a limited capacity. If you are still in the beginning stages of your workers’ compensation claim and are considering working while you recover, you should inquire about modified work with your employer. Our attorney can help you establish the terms of your claim and recover the compensation you deserve.

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