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Mental Health Disorders Common in Oil and Gas Workers

The topic of mental health has become widely discussed throughout the nation. The significant impact of employment in association with mental health disorders has also become prevalent as one of the leading public health issues worldwide. It is not uncommon for workers in the oil and gas industry to suffer from mental health disorders; several contributing factors can lead to these kinds of workers experiencing anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Although the oil industry immensely helps the economy, there has been an influx of jobs in many communities. As a result, this industry has potential dangers that can lead to emotional trauma and distress for workers. A study by Sutherland and Cooper revealed that 19% of workers in the oil and gas industry had psychological disorders, including compulsive and phobic anxiety.

Without proper treatment, suffering from these mental health disorders can lead to devastating consequences, like chronic diseases, workplace accidents, and other severe complications.

Unfortunately, offshore workers working in a gas or oil field tend to spend extended periods away from their homes, separated from their families.

Mental Health Status of Oil Field Workers

Research has also revealed that these mental health disorders are estimated to be the fourth leading cause of work incapacity worldwide. In order to provide support for these workers, it's crucial to understand what environmental factors may have contributed to these disorders in oil and gas workers.

A study on the Psychological Health of Workers revealed many risk factors associated with the mental health of oil workers.

Occupational Stress

Studies have found that higher levels of occupational stress are associated with a struggle with mental health. Occupational stress refers to the ongoing stress a worker experiences due to job responsibilities, dangerous work conditions, and environmental pressures in the workplace.

Oil field workers are more likely to become injured from the operation of heavy and dangerous oil production equipment; this horrific realization can lead to chronic anxiety, depression, and PTSD for offshore workers. The fast-paced nature of these occupations, and the hazardous equipment they use, also puts these workers at risk for an oil field accident.

Harsh Working Conditions

Working in hazardous and laborious conditions, these workers are isolated from their loved ones for lengthy periods and experience a lack of socialization. Isolation of any kind can lead to mental health disorders such as depression. Still, these workers are often subject to confined living spaces, exhaustive days with little rest, resulting in an increased risk of anxiety, fatigue, and stress.

What Can Be Done?

The issues of mental health disorders surrounding the oil and gas industry are a systematic challenge in how these jobs are structured. When an offshore worker is struggling to cope with life stress due to the dangerous nature of their career, it can lead to a workplace accident, catastrophic injuries, and death if not appropriately addressed. The good news is, oil and gas workers suffering from hazardous work conditions may be eligible to receive compensation for their pain and suffering.

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