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Who is Liable for Delivery Driver Accidents?

More delivery trucks are on the road than ever before; the pandemic has significantly contributed to the rise of online shopping and delivery of packages, food, goods, and services by modern consumers, especially in the U.S. There are more than 1,305,155 delivery drivers in the United States alone. While delivery services are convenient, there is an uptick in home deliveries and delivery vehicles on the road, causing more accidents. According to the Annual Report to Congress from the USPS in 2017, 15.43% of their delivery vehicles were involved in crashes.

Several contributing factors increase the risk of a crash involving a delivery driver, such as driver fatigue from working long hours, speeding, time pressure, deadlines, road congestion, etc. Delivery crashes can be complex; if an accident occurs, it's crucial to hold the correct party accountable for the damages. Especially when an individual sustains severe injuries and, as a result, has medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damage that need to be compensated for.

The Delivery Company

Companies must hire safe and responsible drivers with proper training; however, that is not always the case. In most situations, the delivery driver's employer or the delivery company can be held legally responsible for the dangerous actions and conduct by the driver within the course of their employment.

If the driver was on the clock while the crash occurred, and the vehicle is owned or leased by the delivery company, then the driver's employer will be held liable for the impact if the driver was at fault.

The Delivery Driver

In some cases, the driver bears some responsibility for the damages of the crash; if they privately own an auto insurance policy and the driver is an independent contractor, they can be liable for the damages.

Determining liability in a delivery vehicle accident can be complicated; often, multiple parties can bear legal responsibility for the damages. It's essential to speak with a skilled personal injury attorney to help guide you in the process and help you recover damages on your behalf.

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