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Independent Contractors and Workers' Compensation

In the oil and gas industry, using independent contractors is very common, and it has many significant benefits for companies, providing a specialized skill that is needed temporarily. However, potential problems may arise when an independent contractor sustains a severe injury onsite and is not eligible to be covered by workers' compensation. In general, independent contractors are not required to have workers' compensation insurance; however, it has many advantages to get it, for their protection and other potential benefits. Our San Antonio Oil field accident attorney provides critical information regarding independent contractors and workers' compensation benefits.

Loss of Workers' Compensation Coverage

Companies must have workers' compensation coverage for all their employees; it protects the employer if a worker is injured or killed on the job and has many other benefits. However, independent contractors are not classified as permanent employees; there are potential risks for the company because of workers' compensation coverage loss. Independent contractors need to obtain workers' compensation insurance in a workplace accident where they sustain severe injuries.

Independent Contractors Injured On The Job

Independent contractors must obtain workers' compensation insurance in a workplace accident where they sustain severe injuries. If an independent contractor gets injured on the job, the reality is they will not have financial assistance for medical bills, rehabilitation, and lost wages.

What Can Independent Contractors Do?

It may be in their best interest to obtain a workers' compensation certificate of insurance, especially if a company is looking to hire you and finds out you don't have workers' comp. They may not be able to have you on the site for liability reasons. Often, companies ask for proof of coverage for workers' compensation insurance.

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