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Top 3 Oil Field Accidents

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Drilling for oil can be extremely dangerous work. Nearly every aspect of the drilling and extraction process has the potential to create a serious accident or cause severe injury. Employees who work in the oil fields face the risk of injuries caused by sudden explosions and exposure to toxic chemicals. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), more than 4,000 oilfield workers have been injured at various worksites across the country. 100 of the injuries that were reported resulted in death. Many of these injuries occurred because the drilling company did not provide the proper safety equipment at the worksite. If you work on an oil field, it is important to take the necessary measures to keep yourself safe. Below, we talk about 3 common oil field accidents.

#1: Oil Field Explosions

During the drilling process, vapors are released over time. These vapors can build up and seep into surrounding storage containers. When the pressure eventually builds up, it becomes too much for the container and leads to an explosion. To prevent this type of accident from happening, anti-pressure devices should be put into place on the storage containers. Explosions also happen when sparks from a welding device come into contact with combustible chemicals. Severe burns and traumatic head injuries are common in oil filed explosions.

#2: Oil Field Fires

When pressurized gas comes into contact with other flammable materials, it can cause an oil field fire. These fires are very hard to get under control because firefighters have to contain and extinguish them from a distance. Putting out an oil field fire requires the use of explosives to create a shockwave on the surface of the land. Doing this puts distance between the fire zone and un-scorched land.

#3: Malfunctioning Equipment Accidents

Properly maintaining equipment and heavy machinery used for oil field work is the best way to prevent accidents from happening. Unfortunately, a lot of the accidents that occur on oil fields are caused by inadequate maintenance. Limb amputation, hearing and vision loss, and other sever injures can occur when equipment malfunctions.

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