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How to Handle a Workplace Auto Accident

Female emergency medical response worker taking care of a female auto accident victim

If you are involved in a car accident at work, you may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits from your employer. It is critical that you take certain steps immediately following the accident to ensure that your case for benefits processes quickly and efficiently.

Why Would An Employer Be Responsible for Your Car Accident?

Your employer does not have to be driving your car to have some responsibility regarding your auto accident. Business owners are subject to something called vicarious liability with respect to their employees. This means that businesses can be legally responsible for the actions of their employees. In the case of an auto accident, vicarious liability can occur if you:

  • Have an auto accident during working hours
  • Are driving a vehicle owned by your employer
  • Are driving your own vehicle for work purposes
  • Have an auto accident during working hours as a passenger in a vehicle

What Should You Do Right After an Auto Accident at Work?

When filing a workers' compensation claim, your actions following the accident are extremely important. You should immediately:

  • Call the police to accurately report the accident
  • Notify your employer
  • Seek medical attention
  • Document everything
  • Contact an experienced worker's compensation attorney

In order to file a proper workers' compensation claim following an auto accident at work, little is more important than good documentation and great legal representation. Keeping a detailed record of what happened during the accident is useful in proving that you were at work when the accident occurred. It is also helpful in making sure you receive the medical care and compensation you need for both immediate injuries and those that will require treatment over time.

Why Choosing an Experienced Attorney Can Make a Real Difference in Your Case

Filing a workers' compensation claim against your employer can be intimidating to say the least. Our firm has years of experience with auto accidents while at work, and we will do all we can to:

  • Explain all of your legal and financial options.
  • Work hard to make sure your case processes as quickly as possible.
  • Prove employer liability through the court system if necessary.
  • Protect you from any workplace retaliation following your claim.

Don't trust your financial and physical well-being with just anyone if you've been involved in a car accident at work. Call the experienced attorney at The Law Office of George P. Escobedo today at (210) 807-3178 to help ensure sure you get the compensation you deserve.