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After an Oil Field Accident: Do I Have a Claim?

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Oil field accidents are extremely devastating for all involved and as the industry continues to employ millions of individuals throughout the nation, countless employees are at risk every single day. While work-related injuries are unavoidable and inconsequential for many, oil field workers face extreme and potentially fatal conditions. Oil fields are the setting for various kinds of employee accidents, including but not limited to fire and gas explosions, traffic collisions, struck-by or caught-between accidents, toxic material exposure, slip and fall accidents, equipment malfunction, drilling blowouts, etc. If you have been harmed or injured while on-the-job, you have rights.

Because the state of Texas does not require employers to offer workers’ compensation benefits, an injured employee can then directly pursue litigation against the employer. If you are an oil field employee who was injured in an accident but do not work for an employer who offers this insurance, there is no time to waste before you enlist the services of an attorney who will champion for your rights to be heard.

Oil field accidents may commonly result in many debilitating or life-threatening injuries, including:

After sustaining an injury, you must immediately seek medical attention and gather all possible evidence to document what you have endured and the care you will require, including physician reports, medication prescriptions, surgeries, procedures, long-term care, treatment, etc. If you wait to visit your doctor, your claim is essentially void.

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