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Why It's Important to Successfully File a Workers' Compensation Claim the First Time


The Bureau of Labor Statistics states there were 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2016, and this statistic translates to nearly 3 cases of injury or illness for every 100 full-time equivalent workers. As you can see, workplace injuries are a common occurrence and can happen to anyone. No matter where you work, you are still at risk of suffering common accidents like slips and falls or muscle strains. When these accidents occur, some workers are covered by workers’ compensation; however, filing a workers’ compensation claim correctly the first time is essential to avoid various pitfalls.

Your Pay Is Gone, but Your Bills Aren’t

When a worker suffers an injury, he or she will not receive payments for missed work days until their workers’ compensation claim is approved. As a result, injured workers who put in a denied claim may have a difficult time paying for mortgages, loans, and other bills on time. Making a successful application on the first attempt helps people maintain their financial health.

Medical Bills Are Coming

When someone suffers a workplace injury, he or she may need immediate medical treatment. While these treatments are necessary, your employer and its insurance company are not liable for the bills until a workers’ compensation claim is approved. When a workers’ compensation claim is denied, you will be responsible for the medical bills unless you successfully appeal the verdict.

Getting Denied May Lead You to Believe There Is Nothing Else You Can Do

It is never a good feeling when someone gets denied access to something they need. In fact, many people believe that a denied workers’ compensation claim is the end of the fight because they are unaware of their options. If your request is denied, you have the right to appeal the verdict, but it is always advisable that you do so under legal guidance. Talking through your denied claim with an attorney can help you determine if continuing to pursue action is the right choice.

If you are attempting to file or appeal a workers’ compensation claim, we may be able to help! Call our office now for a free case evaluation!

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