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The Role of an Attorney in Your Workers' Comp Case


After a workplace accident, people can be reluctant to file a workers’ compensation case. However, if they were injured during the course of their job, filing can be a fairly straightforward process. Generally, you won’t experience much of an issue if you suffered a minor injury, missed little to no work during the injury, and you don’t have a preexisting condition. Likewise, if your employer admits the injury happened at work through no fault of your own, you will likely be completely covered by the workers’ comp insurance. However, in more complex cases, you might have problems.

A more severe injury will typically be more costly. Not only do you need workers’ compensation to cover expensive medical bills, but you might need your wages covered while you take time off from work. A construction worker with a broken leg, for example, can’t do much of the heavy lifting he or she normally does on the job. If the cost of coverage is too high, your employer or his or her workers’ comp insurance company might try to deny your claim. In this kind of situation, you would need the help of an experienced San Antonio workers’ compensation attorney.

Likewise, if the insurance coverage offered fails to cover your lost wages or medical bills, there is something wrong. An experienced lawyer can tell you whether a settlement is good enough or whether you deserve more in compensation.

Last, if your boss retaliates against you for filing a workers’ compensation claim, you can ask a lawyer to help you fight against this mistreatment. It’s completely illegal for an employer to fire or demote you for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

A lawyer can help you collect necessary forms and meet all deadlines. Let us help you file a claim or appeal a denied claim. Our attorney is dedicated to helping injured workers get the compensation they deserve.

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