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5 Tips for Collecting Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits


If you have suffered an injury or developed an occupational illness at work, you might be entitled to financial compensation. However, collecting workers’ compensation benefits can be a complicated process, which is why it is crucial to take the following steps if you have been injured at work.

#1: Seek Medical Treatment

You should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Visit the closest emergency room or urgent care to have your injuries treated by a doctor. Make sure you tell the doctor what caused your injuries and that they document your responses in their records.

#2: Report Your Injuries to Your Employer

Once you have been seen by a doctor, you need to report your injuries to your employer as soon as possible. When you talk to your employer, ask them to make a written report. Even if you think your injury is minor, you still need to inform your employer. Failing to do so can impact your eligibility for workers’ compensation.

#3: File a Claim

You will need to file a claim to collect workers’ compensation. You can get the proper forms from your employer. Some states require the employer’s insurance company to file the claim. After your claim has been filed, you need to follow it up with the insurance company. The insurance company will have the opportunity to investigate your claim and decide if it should be accepted or denied.

#4: Listen to Your Doctor

Refusing treatment or failing to follow your doctor’s medical advice can result in you losing your right to workers’ compensation benefits. If your doctor says you need to take time off from work, work reduced hours, or have work restrictions, you need to let your employer know within a reasonable amount of time. It is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you for requesting accommodations for your injury.

#5: Keep Good Records

When it comes to workers’ compensation cases, it is important to keep copies of the forms you submit and any correspondence with your employer and its insurance company. You should keep a journal with the following information:

  • Witness names and contact information
  • Descriptions of your injury symptoms and recovery process
  • Names, dates, and addresses of all the doctors you visit
  • Mileage log for your doctors’ appointments
  • The number of days you have missed work due to your injury
  • Notes from the conversations you have had with your employer’s insurance company

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