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How Convenience Packs Can Impact Your Workers’ Compensation


Have you suffered a debilitating injury at work and are now receiving your medications and supplies under workers’ compensation convenience packs? If so, read below to find out if you are being taken advantage of without even knowing it.

What Is a Convenience Pack?

If you don’t know what a convenience pack is, it is a bundle of medications and supplies that are packaged together to help injured and ill people receive the proper doses they need on a regular basis. They are also sometimes referred to as “co-packs.” On the surface, this sounds like a solid idea that can benefit those who are injured or ill, however, the “convenience” aspect of these packs can end up being overshadowed due to an exorbitant pricing markup.

The medications and supplies that are included in convenience packs can sometimes be sold at a significantly higher price than what they normally would cost. In some cases, the price of co-packs has tripled in value.

An example of this is the product known as Voltaren® Gel. This tube of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel usually costs $60 by itself, but when combined to a co-pack with antibacterial wipes, the product can end up costing more than $500. That is more than 9 times the original price!

From combining topical ointments with bandages or other prescription pain medications, convenience packs give pharmaceutical companies free range to charge unfair prices without giving any real benefits to the consumers. Due to the fact that those who receive workers’ compensation only have a limited amount of funds in their settlement, this particular scheme can exhaust a worker’s benefits by forcing them to give up a significant portion of their income to pharmaceutical providers for products they can actually get for cheaper on the open market.

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