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On-the-Job Car Accidents


The workforce is littered now, more than ever, with employees who drive as part of their job. Whether you are an employee driving your own car or company car, the chance of you driving a vehicle as part of your job requirement is not minimal. However, there are serious risks awaiting us on the road every day. Accidents happen at an astounding rate, oftentimes as a result of others’ negligence, misconduct, inexperience, and more.

Following an on-the-job car accident, it is important you don’t waste any time in enlisting in the help of a San Antonio workers’ compensation attorney who will work tirelessly on your behalf. We will review and investigate the situation, in order to determine the cause of accident so the liable party can take responsibility. Even if you were to blame for the collision--unless you were intoxicated--the state of Texas protects injured workers. If you were injured in the “course and scope” of your work, your injuries are generally compensated for. However, you may still need to file a claim under your Personal Injury Protection, known as PIP.

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If you or a loved one has been injured while on the job, it is vital you enlist in the help of our San Antonio workers’ compensation attorney of The Law Office of George P. Escobedo & Associates, PLLC. Our legal team seeks to exceed your expectations, as our goal is ensuring your needs are met to the fullest. We won’t give up in the face of any challenges or adversity, which is why you can trust us to advocate on your behalf until the end.

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