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Oil Field Crash in Southern Texas Kills Five & Injures Three


On Thursday, January 15, 2015, five men were killed on impact after their vehicle caught fire after colliding into a tanker truck carrying crude oil on an oil field highway in South Texas. The accident took place in the center of the fracking field located just southwest of San Antonio. While it has not been confirmed, it is believed that the five men who died were oil field workers. In addition to those that lost their lives, three other men were injured in the collision.

The crash occurred when a pickup truck made a sudden left turn in front of the crude oil truck, causing the tanker to lose control and roll over. Unfortunately the tank full of oil remained on the highway and the two other cars that had been traveling behind the truck were immediately engulfed in flames when they hit the tank.

In more recent years, with the increase in fracking in South Texas, there has been a great deal more large truck traffic on highways intended for farming vehicles and smaller trucks. Additionally, oil field workers work incredibly long hours which can be a major cause of accidents due to fatigued, distracted driving. Police are still investigating the various factors involved in this particular incident.

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