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Halloween Safety Tips For Pedestrians

Woman and child walking across street

People are out and about on the streets, which can be crowded with trick-or-treaters. Drivers may have their attention divided between driving, keeping an eye on their kids in the back seat, and trying to get out of the way of other cars.

If you are walking around during Halloween night, be careful when crossing the street, and make sure that drivers see you! Here are some quick tips to help make sure your Halloween is safe and fun!

Crossing Safely

If you're walking around, be sure to stay alert. Keep your eyes peeled for cars and other vehicles, especially if you're crossing the street or walking. If it's dark out and the headlights of an approaching car blind you, try to hold up your arm so they can see where you are.

When crossing a road or intersection, ensure no traffic before stepping onto the road. Check both directions before crossing a one-way street (even if it seems like there is no traffic).

If there isn't any sidewalk available for pedestrians, but there are parked cars along your path, do not walk between these vehicles—it's extremely dangerous!

While this may sound relatively intuitive, if not obvious, it warrants repeating because of the unfortunate reality of negligent drivers. While you may have the right of way to cross, distracted drivers can take sharp turns to hit the gas before the light changes, leaving you to suffer the consequences.

Keep An Eye On Your Kids

Do not allow your child to trick-or-treat alone, especially small children. It should go without saying, but kids can wander, and a distracted kid on the crosswalk is a recipe for disaster. Make sure you accompany them or have an adult at each house along their route who knows where they are going and when they will return.

Dress children in bright colors such as orange or red instead of dark colors that blend in with the night sky (such as black). This can help make it easier for children to be seen at crossings and help drivers spot trick-or-treaters when it's dark out. Whether it’s a full costume or just an accessory like a witch hat, families should opt for lighter colors that stand out against the blackness of night. This will be especially helpful if there aren't many streetlights nearby.

Another way to ensure people can see you from far away is by wearing reflective materials like strips or bands on top of your clothes. These accessories have been shown time and time again to decrease pedestrian accidents at night by making them more visible against dark backgrounds (such as roads). Thankfully, you do not need a lot of reflective tape or material to help, so your kids will be happy to know their costumes will not be ruined by an eyesore.


Carry a flashlight, or attach one to the child's costume so you can see where you're going. Be sure to use the flashlight safely. Don't shine it in people's eyes! you want to stay safe this Halloween and not potentially be amidst a legal battle.

Kid's Costume Tips

Make sure the costumes are not too long so your kids can see where they are stepping. Costumes should fit well but shouldn't be restrictive in any way either -- no one wants to walk around on Halloween feeling like an oversized sausage casing!


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