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What Can Be Used in a Truck Accident Claim?

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Making Your Personal Injury Claim

Texas has some of the highest rates of truck collisions in the country, with over 650 fatal crashes occurring in 2018 alone. Considering this, it is crucial that all motorists be aware of how to handle these kinds of collisions and what can be used to help their personal injury claim.

What Evidence Can Be Used?

When speaking with an attorney about your claim, they will likely discuss the circumstances surrounding your crash, including:

  • Where and when it occurred.
  • If there were other vehicles involved.
  • The number of cars on the road at the time.

All of these are important questions because they can offer insight into whether there will be any witnesses or camera footage that can be obtained. If this is the case, they will likely reach out to any nearby businesses that have cameras or law enforcement agencies that may have responded to calls from witnesses.

ELD Records

Additionally, attorneys may request a copy of the driver's electronic logging device (ELD) records that show their hours of service or speed at the time of the crash. These may indicate the driver was fatigued or not abiding by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's regulations.

The Truck

If your accident was caused by unsecured cargo, debris in the road, or a maintenance issue, then an attorney may want to have an expert look at the truck. This may show a more significant problem with the trucking company overall and that they may be neglecting to properly train their drivers to secure cargo or fail to do routine maintenance.

Depending on the severity and circumstances of your crash, your attorney may also want to know the extent of the medical treatment you are receiving, as well as the cost. This will help them properly assess the damages and seek the appropriate compensation for your claim.

San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney

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