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UPS Drivers Don’t Turn Left and You Shouldn’t Either

UPS delivery truck making a right turn

Only Turning Right Has Many Benefits

In recent years, it has become much more well-known that UPS and other larger delivery trucks create their routes to avoid taking left turns when possible. While the company has highlighted fuel costs, fewer miles traveled annually, and less carbon dioxide emissions that result from this policy, one of the biggest reasons for its implementation is that it has proven to reduce the number of accidents involving their drivers each year.

Why Are Left Turns More Dangerous?

Unless you are on a one-way street, making a left turn requires you to cross traffic and often can cause significant delays — especially if you are in the package delivery business. By turning left and crossing lanes of traffic on commercial roads, you are essentially putting yourself into harm’s way by having to make judgment calls of when you should be crossing.

Especially when you are in a more urban environment like San Antonio where cars and pedestrians may be coming and going at all times, having to wait on an opening or playing chicken with other vehicles can only do more harm than good.

Is It Really More Fuel-Efficient?

Bob Stoffel, a former Senior VP at UPS that led the company’s sustainability efforts, claimed in a 2010 interview that, on average, the company saved 10 million gallons of fuel per year simply by switching to this right turn route. As this is a pretty hefty claim, the popular show MythBusters tested it and found that there was at least a 3% decrease in fuel used when switching to a route that limited left turns, even though the route itself was actually a greater distance to travel.

All things considered, switching routes to limit the number of left-hand turns you would have to make may be the difference between your gas mileage and chances of being in an accident.

Accident Injury? We Can Help.

Even when you do everything you can to be a safer driver, there are others on the road who may not be so savvy. That’s where The Law Office of George P. Escobedo & Associates, PLLC can help. Our San Antonio car accident attorneys have been recovering damages for injured victims for over a decade and will work with you to obtain the appropriate compensation for your injury.

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