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What Training Is Needed to Become an Offshore Driller?

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Requirements for a Job in Offshore Drilling

If looking to start a new career as an offshore driller, it's crucial to understand what requirements may be necessary when going through the application process. Nearly all offshore drilling jobs require you to complete specific safety training and obtain credentials before beginning work. Read on to learn about what these entail.

Training Requirements

One of the basic requirements that anyone looking to become an offshore driller should know about is the Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) course, which is often combined with additional supplemental programs for specific roles. Through this training, offshore workers should understand:

  • Specific workplace hazards present in their roles
  • Safety regulations
  • Knowledge of safety equipment and use
  • Sea survival techniques and first aid
  • Use of firefighting equipment and self-rescue

It's important to note that this training is only valid for four years, so workers may need to complete additional training for revalidation. Certain roles may also require:

  • Helicopter Underwater Emergency Training (HUET)
  • Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET)

Every employee must also go through the International Association of Drilling Contractors RigPass® accreditation program and possess a valid card to work on the rig.

What If I Don’t Complete Training?

These trainings are designed to keep you safe while performing work tasks; not completing them only puts you and your fellow workers at risk during an emergency. Know that if you have been hired as an offshore driller and have not gone through any training, this could point to negligent hiring practices of your employer. If this is the case and someone gets hurt, it may be necessary to file a workers' compensation claim.

San Antonio Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

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