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What Distance Should I Stay Back From a Large Truck?

wide scale image of a large truck on a four-lane highway

Understanding a Truck’s “No-Zone”

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimates that nearly 4,500 fatal crashes involving large trucks occur each year. Often these crashes are caused by speeding, driver inattention, and brake issues — similar to most passenger car incidents. However, a large portion of these collisions have to do with other vehicles being in the truck’s blind spot, also known as the “no zone.”

Avoid Driving in These Areas

As with all vehicles, large trucks have multiple areas that are harder for the driver to see. With these vehicles being so much larger than the standard passenger car, they have much greater blind spots than what a typical motorist is used to. The FMCSA recommends that other drivers beware of the “no zone” and stay this distance or greater away:

  • 30 feet behind the truck.
  • 20 feet in front of the truck.
  • One lane from the left - truckers can see about a car length away from the bumper.
  • Two lanes from the right - staying within 30 feet behind and 20 feet in front.

The general rule of thumb for driving near a large truck will always be “if you can’t see the driver, they can’t see you,” so be extra cautious when there is low visibility or other potential hazards are in the road. It is always better to drive farther away from these vehicles and allow yourself more stopping distance than to be caught in a potentially life-threatening situation.

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