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4 Dead & 6 Injured in Corpus Christi Pipeline Explosion

Coast Guard

Four people were killed at the Port of Corpus Christi on Friday after a dredging vessel struck a submerged pipeline, leading to an explosion. Six other individuals were hospitalized.

That morning at around 8 a.m., dredging vessel Waymon L. Boyd hit an underwater propane pipeline, which exploded. The explosion ignited the dredging vessel and spread to nearby areas of the port before it was contained. The ship sank on Friday night.

Six crew members were immediately rushed to the hospital to treat their injuries. Two were airlifted by the Coast Guard to a hospital; the other four were taken to hospitals by ambulance to be treated for burns and other injuries.

Initially, four other crew members were reported missing. Following a search that lasted through Saturday until late that evening, two bodies were found. The other two missing worker’s bodies were recovered on Monday morning.

Lawsuits have already been filed as a result of the devastating accident. The surviving family members of Miguel Martinez and Rafael Espinoza, two of the men killed in the explosion, as well as blast survivor Jose Delgado have filed lawsuits against Orion Marine Group, the owner of the dredging vessel, for a combined total of $110 million.

As the investigation progresses and liability becomes clearer, there’s a chance that more lawsuits will be filed by the remaining victims and their families. It may also turn out that Orion Marine Group will not be the only defendant in the upcoming case.

We will keep watching this developing situation and report any new developments that arise.

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