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Can Overseas Civilian Contractors File Defense Base Act Claims?

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Injury Claims for Overseas Civilian Contractors

Since 2001, thousands of overseas civilian contractors have suffered devastating injuries in war zones in the Middle East. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor reports there were 42,117 injuries and deaths between 2001 and 2018. If you are a civilian contractor working overseas in warzones like Iraq and Afghanistan and you suffer a serious injury, you can file a claim for compensation under the Defense Base Act.

Dealing with the Insurance Company

Filing a Defense Base Act claim means you will have to deal with an insurance company that is going to try to limit or deny the amount of compensation you are entitled to. The DBA insurance company is going to want to speak to you to get a statement, and while they may seem friendly on the phone, their goal is to get you to make mistakes that can be used against you if your case goes to court. Because the insurance company will try to lay tricks and traps for you, it is smart to consult with an experienced lawyer before speaking to an insurance adjuster about your injury.

We Can Assist with Your DBA Case Today

At The Law Office of George P. Escobedo & Associates, PLLC, we are proud to represent civilian contractors in their Defense Base Act cases. Our law firm has years of experience handling these types of claims, and we know which strategies to use to fight back against insurance companies that want to deny or limit the benefits you need. Contact our law office to discuss your case.

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