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Doctor Zamora's Patients Start Filing Claims Against Him for Medical Malpractice


Former patients of Dr. Jorge Zamora-Quezada are banding together to file lawsuits against him for medical negligence and fraud. Zamora has been indicted and jailed for prescribing chemotherapy drugs to patients in order to receive financial kickbacks, and to bill insurance companies and government groups for payments. Investigations revealed that he had even falsely diagnosed people with serious medical conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, in order to find a reason to write a prescription. He even went as far as to create and distribute television advertisements for his services, which focused on chemotherapy, fibromyalgia, and lupus drug regimens. In the end, it is believed he pocketed about $240 million due to unnecessary prescriptions and false diagnoses.

Zamora had multiple medical offices and practices with links to pharmacies throughout Texas. He is known to have clinics in Brownsville, San Antonio, and Edinburg. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) records show he practiced for nearly 20 years, and it might be possible he began his pharmaceutical scheme at any time during that duration. As such, hundreds of patients — if not more — throughout the years might have been medically abused by his malpractice.

Standing Up for Yourself After Dr. Zamora Caused You Harm

Several law offices and attorneys, like The Law Office of George P. Escobedo & Associates, PLLC, are encouraging patients to come forth and explore their legal options. In order to pursue compensation from Zamora, a notice of claim must be filed against him and his practice. The notice will demand that all of a patient’s medical records and files created and kept by Zamora be stored and copied for the claimant. In other words, it will legally stop the medical office from trying to dispose evidence of Zamora’s wrongdoing.

Notices of demand filed in Texas allow the defendant 60 days to respond. If no settlement agreement is formed in that time, the claimant can move their case forward with a lawsuit.

To explore your rights to compensation for Zamora’s wrongdoing, negligence, and fraud, talk with Attorney George Escobedo and the rest of our legal team. Our San Antonio law firm is looking into claims from people throughout the region and the rest of Texas. If you have been abused by Zamora’s practice, we can help you create a notice of claim and continue to provide you with advocacy in and out of court.

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