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Oil Industry is Booming, but Workers Are Slow to Return


The oil industry is back on the rise after a severe price drop in 2014. The drop lead to widespread layoffs as companies struggled to handle the reduced price of oil. Now, the industry is growing again, but not enough workers are returning to oil companies.

It’s been a slow process for oil companies looking to hire on experienced workers. Many workers moved to other places after the downturn, looking for more stable work. With less qualified people living in the area, many companies are hoping to attract workers back. Business owners know, however, that convincing workers to pack up and move their life back to the oil fields will take some time. Many workers are wary of making the change without a promise of stable work for years to come. Oil companies are working to address these concerns, but they know it will have to get much, much busier to convince workers that it is safe to return to the industry.

Companies related to the oil drilling industry, such as oil transport companies, are also facing problems finding enough employees to meet the increasing demand for their services. Before the price of oil dropped, many business owners recall having applications flooding in, seeking employment in the booming industry. Now, these companies are struggling to fill their ranks with experienced workers. Many are hopeful, though. They feel that once workers watch the oil industry continue to grow, they will be more willing to return.

In the meantime, oil companies will have to figure how to meet the increased need for workers with those who are willing to return. It may be a balancing act, but as the oil industry continues to grow, these companies are optimistic that workers will be attracted back to the oil fields once more.

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