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Texas & Louisiana Ranks High Among Deadliest States to Work


Texas and Louisiana are some of the deadliest states to work in according to a new study. Both states rank high in injuries among oil and gas workers, according to nearly 20,000 injury reports filed with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

According to the study, Texas ranked 5th on the list with its most dangerous industry being oil and gas support. Similarly, Louisiana ranked slightly higher (at 4th) with oil and gas as its most hazardous industry.

The deadliest state of all was Montana. Its sawmill industry has a high rate of death and was followed by South Dakota’s frozen food manufacturing industry and Wyoming’s U.S. Park Services. Other dangerous industries included poultry processing, logging, and slaughterhouses.

Part of the reason oil and gas are some of the most dangerous industries to work in are the high incidences of accidents in remote locations. Not only is it difficult to keep track of hazardous work habits if you can’t interact with the worker, but isolated workers, by the nature of their work, have fewer people around to help them if a disaster occurs.

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