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Dangers of Oil Fields Increase When "Roughnecks" Work Solo


Tragedy struck Midland County when an oil-field worker (roughneck) was found dead earlier this year. The worker was identified as Paul Stuart, who was working alone on a drilling rig. His body was found near County Roads 170 and 1110.

One of the things that makes a roughneck’s job more dangerous is working alone. Mr. Stuart fell into a spool of cable and got tangled in the cords. He was only in his 20s.

According to former roughneck Rafael Estrada, working near or on a drilling rig is one of the most dangerous jobs in the industry. Likewise, while Stuart was likely advised not to work alone, many in the field do their jobs by themselves, as working with dangerous equipment solo is not that uncommon.

Additionally, these workers sometimes work 24-hour shifts, which increase their chances of making mistakes. All crews should be working together and ensuring their paying attention to their surroundings. Working the oilfields is a dangerous job that requires vigilant team members who know exactly what they’re doing.

OSHA was in the process of investigating Mr. Stuart’s death, and it’s unclear whether the agency will be facing repercussions for workplace safety violations.

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