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Fatigue a Contributing Cause of Oil Field Accidents


When a work accident occurs in the oilfield industry, companies are determined to find the exact cause to prevent future incidents. Poor supervision, insufficient training, and ignoring procedures are common contributing factors to oilfield accidents. However, when it comes to fatigue being the main cause of an accident, figuring out how it plays a role can be challenging.

Since various industries consider fatigue to be a normal occurrence in human operations, accident investigators may dismiss or ignore it as a contributing factor to an injury on the job. But according to the National Sleep Foundation, losing two hours of sleep results in the same physical impairment as a BAC level of 0.05 percent. Fatigue often results in poor judgment, including operating heavy equipment in a careless manner or omitting a step in the process of extracting oil.

How to Overcome Fatigue

Fatigue management is an effective strategy which focuses on the task of overcoming sleep deprivation, stress, and poor nutrition – which results in fatigue, attention deficiencies, and carelessness. In many oilfields, employees typically work long hours in remote areas and their living quarters may consist of an RV or even just a pickup truck.

Improving workers’ living conditions can help eradicate factors which result in fatigue. Employers can provide their employees with suitable sleeping quarters, food with high nutritional value, and easy access to medical care in the event of a minor or major injury.

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