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2 Workers Dead After Accident at West Texas Drilling Rig


Earlier this month, two workers were killed following a drilling rig accident in Denver City. According to local Sheriff, Donald Corzine, two men were working at the Norton Energy Drilling site when the mechanical accident occurred. There are currently no details yet released regarding what exactly caused the mechanical accident. Officials reported that one worker died at the scene of the accident, and another died after being transported to the hospital.

Since the oil boom hit early in 2008 in Eagle Ford Shale, hundreds of oil field workers have lost their lives for oil. In fact, in 2014 almost 5,000 people died while on the job in the United States. Currently, federal authorities are investigating into how the industry has resulted in so many deaths over the last eight years. The oil industry is so dangerous because oil is extremely flammable and the gasses released in the process are toxic if ingested. In areas where fracking takes place, oil workers face risks of Silicosis, an incurable disease caused by breathing in crystalline silica found in 99% of fracking sand.

Have You Lost a Family Member to the Oil Industry?

The Texas oil boom brought many young, newly married young men and women to Texas hopeful they could work in a career that would provide for their families. While many of these men and women were warned of the hazards of working on the job, OSHA investigations have discovered many oil rig sites are outside of their regulations for worker safety. By law, all employers are required to keep the workplace reasonably safe for employees. This includes regularly scheduled machine maintenance and inspections.

The loss of a family member can be devastating for families of oil industry workers. Often they depend on their spouses to pay bills and provide food for the household. If your family is suffering after a tragedy like this, you should contact our San Antonio oil field accidents attorney. You could recover compensation for loss of support, medical and funeral expenses.

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