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Tips for Filing Your Defense Base Act Claim

Commonly Asked Questions When Filing a DBA Claim

In this blog, our experienced legal professionals answer your questions about filing a Defense Base Act claim.

Q. Do I have to have been working at the time of my injury in order to qualify for the DBA?

A: If you have been deployed to a warzone, you do not have to be physically working at the time to be eligible for compensation under the Defense Base Act.

Q. How do I properly report my injuries when filing a Defense Base Act Claim?

A: It is crucial to document the event and your injuries by taking detailed notes and clear photographs. Make sure to keep this evidence in a safe place until you are able to speak to an experienced lawyer. You also need to report the injury to your supervisor. Make sure you inform your supervisor in writing so that the insurance company can’t claim you failed to provide notice of your injury.

You will also need the names of anyone who witnessed your injury. You should get their phone numbers, addresses, and e-mails too.

Q. Can I choose my own doctor?

A: Although the insurance company might suggest a physician, you are allowed to choose your own doctor for your treatment. You should keep a diary of all the medical treatment you received overseas. You will also need copies of your medical records from overseas and a summary of your treatment.

Q. Do I need to give a recorded statement to the insurance company?

A: Do not speak to the insurance company without first consulting with a lawyer. Your statements can be used to deny your injury claim.

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