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Do I Really Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Many injured employees are under the false impression that they do not require the advocacy of a workers’ compensation attorney for an on-the-job accident. This misconception is credited due to the risky, newfound concept of handling this process without legal counsel or advice. Generally, employees are eligible for protections under workers’ compensation insurance for any accidents or injuries sustained while at work. However, depending on the severity of your injury or the complexities of your case, you may be risking your entire claim by trusting your employer’s motives.

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation claims are routinely denied on the basis of profit, requiring the intervention of an aggressive and experienced attorney who can fight for you. Many times, claims are unfairly denied or devalued, leaving the individual at a loss of how to proceed. Therefore, if you find yourself suffering from a workplace injury, there is no time to waste before you enlist the services for an advocate you can trust. While slight injuries may not require taking this step, it is crucial you do not leave your future in the wrong hands.

These workers’ compensation situations require professional legal expertise, including:

  • Your employer denies your claim or fails to sufficiently provide benefits
  • Your employer’s settlement offer fails to cover lost wages or medical bills
  • You plan to apply for Social Security disability benefits
  • Your employer retaliates against you for filing a claim
  • Your injury was the result of another’s negligence or misconduct
  • Your injury prevents you from returning to the full scope of your job, if at all

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