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People Shouldn't Be Fired for Suffering a Workplace Injury

When we are productive in our workplaces, we often feel good about our work ethic and overall employment situation. However, many workers are pushed to their limits by their employer, and this pressure can cause some employees to break. Long hours, unsafe environments, and unhealthy competition leads many Americans to physically crash. When employees are injured due to rough work conditions, employers who hold workers’ compensation claims are required to file their case when notified of the incident. However, some employers choose a different route—firing the employee.

Can I Be Fired for a Work Injury?

Although Texas is an “at will” employment state, firing an employee to escape paying a workers’ compensation claim is illegal. In fact, businesses who attempt to fire a worker after he or she is injured can be found guilty of wrongful termination.

This Fox news article proves that the repercussions of an employer firing an employee can be enormous. To summarize the article, a company decided to falsely accuse a worker of stealing money from a safe when she filed a workers’ compensation claim for a job-related wrist injury caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. The case went to trial, where the jury found the business guilty of wrongful termination (in a state with “at will” employment.) As a result of the case, the employee was awarded a verdict of nearly $8 million for her emotional distress and lost wages.

If you or a loved one have been injured at work and were subsequently fired for “unrelated reasons,” hiring a wrongful termination attorney may the right choice for you.

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