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Commercial Truck Accidents in TX

Pursue Compensation with a San Antonio Workers' Compensation Attorney

Commercial trucking can be a dangerous occupation. The hours are long, the routes are remote, and the vehicles are difficult to negotiate. Even worse, other vehicles on the road can make traffic conditions for truckers uncertain and harrowing. When accidents happen, there are bound to be injuries.

Workers' compensation for commercial truckers is often difficult to establish. In many cases, a trucking company exists in one state, the trucker's home in another, and the actual accident in a third. Worse than that, truckers often find themselves in dispute with their employers, who will often try to assert that a trucker is merely a contractor and not an official employee to avoid paying medical costs.

Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial truckers are vulnerable to every danger other vehicles are subject to on the road, but with added considerations. As they navigate some of the biggest vehicles on the longest routes, they are subject to more serious conditions that many average drivers do not face.

Commercial truck accidents can be caused by:

  • Irresponsibility of other drivers
  • Poorly maintained trucks and rigs
  • Overcrowded schedules
  • Demanding physical labor and constraints
  • Road vantage that most other drivers do not understand
  • Dangerous weather conditions

Pursue Deserved Compensation Today

At The Law Offices of George P. Escobedo & Associates, PLLC, we know how hard it can be for truckers to assert their rights as employees when the unforeseeable happens. That's why, for over a decade, we have been helping commercial truckers sort through the complications of their unique employment situation and secure the workers' compensation they deserve. If you've been hurt, we can help.

In the face of an injury on the road, workers' compensation may be the only way to settle medical bills and replace lost wages. Do not let your trucking employer bar you from the compensation you and your loved ones deserve!

Call The Law Offices of George P. Escobedo & Associates, PLLC now to speak with a dedicated and aggressive San Antonio workers' compensation attorney.